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‘Hertfordshire newborn photographer’. With so many newborn photographers in Hertfordshire how do you know who is trained, insured, good and who to book in with!? Recommendations and looking at real reviews is a great place to start. Lots of photographers will have other photographer leave them reviews to help get their reviews going - I have never believed in this as a good strategy! If any well meaning photographer has ever left me a review I have removed it...I love the fact that so many of my clients go out of their way to leave me a review. One client even left a review while I was in the middle of posing their baby. That made me tear up, its such a personally invested thing my little business. I love my babies and their parents , they become like family with many becoming repeat clients, allowing me to watch them grow as a family both in age and members.

Most of my newborn photography sessions are from local areas like Hertford & Ware, but interestingly I get a lot from St Albans particularly, I get a lot of IVF babies from Hertfordshire, lets face it IVF is about the cost of a house, so am always so very honoured to be chosen to capture these babies and become part of their story!!! Some of my IVF babies have had quite a journey - the boys here took 10 long years to come to fruition to their loving parents. I have had the pleasure of photographing them twice now, have won a few awards with their portraits and featured as the Image of The Day with The Guild of Photographers. So am ever so proud of them and to have been able to photograph them a few times now.

A little about me - how did I end up a Newborn Photographer?

Well I certainly didn't expect that this is the career I would end up in! When you become a mum, one of the biggest issues that arise for us women is a work life balance, its not right, its not fair but in this day and age is seem to be a fact we fall into! I was and indeed still am one of those mums! I had taken up photography a year prior to becoming a mother albeit I had no clue what I was doing!!! After three consecutive miscarriages in our first year of trying to conceive and then losing my beloved Cleo, my gorgeous cat and companion since I was 18. I was quite emotionally broken and needed time out, whilst I was still working full time in a corporate role, I still needed that to you know 'pay the bills' so trying for a baby and learning this new skill took a backbench for a while. After my daughter was born, in fact from that first few hours with her in my arms I had this overwhelming sense of responsibility to her. To set an example not just keep her alive and love her. I wanted her to watch her mum do something she loved so that when she grows up, she chases her dreams and not a dead end job that brings no joy to her life. I digress! I am not alone here, so many other new mums feel similar and look to trying their hand at something they deem to be easy. It is not - but that is another story!!!

So why do so many Hertfordshire mothers choose me to be their newborn photographer?

The style of newborn photography that I offer is what I’m told drew most of my Hertfordshire clients to book me. I specialise in a more a posed style of newborn photography and the comments I get are "now thats a real newborn portrait" as I have just posed baby into a cute chin on hands pose, the bum up or the womb like pose thats actually called a 'Taco'.

I also believe that using soft colours allow your newborn baby to be the centre of attention, quite often I will use a light base and use colour to accentuate rather than over power an image. But as part of your booking process you will be asked for colours so I can plan for your session and if you have asked for strong bold colours we will work these into your session!

Newborn Baby Photography is hugely popular and an ever growing trend.  Pure beautiful little newborn babies in curled up poses or propped inside baskets, surrounded by cute fluff are images that make the most hardened person go a wee bit mushy.

As a newborn photographer I will hold, soothe and pose your baby gently and safety.  I am not only a mother myself (this alone isn't a qualification for posing newborns!) but I am trained by three of the best trainers in the country in newborn art, to ensure your little ones are moved around safely, keeping a close watch on their breathing, colouring and temperature.  My studio will be heated to similar temperatures you had in the hospital.  This is because newborns have an inability to control their own body temperature.  I am often called a baby whisperer, but I like to believe babies have a sense of security with me and that is why they relax, this also enables parents to relax. I am one the first few people who will handle your baby for such a big period of time (full newborn sessions take 3 hours) allowing for feeds and changes where needed. Apart from family not even your midwife handles your baby for this long, so I am always honoured to be chosen to capture your images and pour my heart and soul into each session, my clients often comment they can see I love what I do.  On that note here is some client feedback.

I purchased a newborn photo shoot for my daughter and her fiancé as a baby shower gift and we all attended yesterday. Olivia is absolutely wonderful, completely professional and knowledgeable of newborn posing which is absolutely vital when choosing a photographer for your newborn! Added to that was a beautiful sensory environment which we love anyway as it completely relaxes parents and baby! We have only seen a sneak peek so far but are delighted with the result! Time to get the credit card out and adorn the walls with her beautiful work and our beautiful model!— Angela Spencer

Could not recommend Olivia enough. We had a newborn photo shoot and through out we were made to feel relaxed and comfortable. The end results at the viewing were stunning and I’m so excited to be able to show everyone our beautiful photos.— Sam Figueira

We had a newborn photography session with Olivia last month for our baby son. This is the third time we've booked in with Olivia; the first time when our first son was born in 2016, then for his christening and now for our second son. We've obviously been pleased with Olivia's work to be returning to her and the memories she has created for us. Olivia certainly has the magic touch as she calmed the boys during their respective newborn photo sessions. We didn't feel rushed during either sessions and she went with the babies' paces to have stress-free and calm sessions. This time we had our toddler with us and Olivia included him in the session so we will have fantastic photos of our boys together and as a family as well! It was an added bonus for our toddler to have some toys to play with to keep him entertained so Olivia is well equipped! We would have no hesitation in recommending Olivia at all! — Vasoula Televantos

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