When the photographer turns to painting!

There are sadly not as many beautiful souls out there with whom I bond. Trust is a hard thing to come by! I first met this wonderful woman a few years ago and I have to admit I dodged her like the plague as she had been through one of the most heartbreaking things a mother can and I know me, I know I’m not too great with words sometimes, I can put my foot in it. I also know how since having my baby (who is now in reception (sobs) the whole world just got very scary in a mega amplified way!! I could not watch certain programs, I would have panic attacks about the news, I still do and rarely watch it, I get my news from listening to LBC on route to the studio lol. God forbid someone had hurt a child I would scream at my husband to turn it over and cry in the corner. I think he thought I was broken... I wasn’t I had just become a mother and boy, oh boy I was not prepared for this aspect, I didn’t even see it coming!

So I will admit I honestly never knew what to say to this wonderful woman and I’m sorry for your loss just didn’t cut it. But she was so open and honest about all of it, she wanted to talk about her beautiful boy, he existed, he was loved and wanted... she really showed me (still reading and watching from behind the curtain) how mothers who have lost a baby or a child do not want it swept under the carpet and to just get on with life. They want to keep their memory alive with them and celebrate every milestone that should have been!

Her bravery made me be brave and reach out to her despite my fear I would lose it emotionally and add to her pain. I did tear up but I held it together and had the loveliest chat in my old studio in Hertford and about Photography, Phoenix and Life!

She has done so much for charities and baby loss awareness both locally and recently she even went Viral with the traveling dress project where 16 Photographers from around the UK all take photos with 1 dress and pass it on!!

But one of the things I really love is painting and she’s a secret fully-fledged Artist!!! She painted the most beautiful vibrant Phoenix on canvas recently and WOW! Not only I loved it but she’s now been commissioned to have several made for others! Her little Phoenix has touched the hearts of so many people because she keeps him souring high around her always.

Look at this masterpiece by the amazing Joanne Lewis!

Some important link I wish you the reader never need.

Remember My Baby

Butterfly Wishes

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