What really happens at a newborn photoshoot?

Well in 70% of sessions baby's are so tiny they just sleep and eat with the occasional decorating of my materials and props. Do not fear everything always gets a thorough wash!! Dettol non the less! After all this is the corona virus killer so doubt I'll be deviating from that any time soon.

Anyhow, sometimes I get a very memorable baby in, the kind that pee in your face...yes that happened to me a few years ago (Martine we are indeed talking about your little one), I, pardon the pun, took my eye off the ball for a second to acknowledge dad walking back into the room and whoosh hahaha this was about three years ago now and I have never forgotten him!!

So this year (it's not even March!!!!!!) I have been decorated personally by not only the boys but the dainty little girls too! BUT todays baby boy Arthur well...... he has had me in stitches today with his fart compilation album that was on repeat. My gosh did he decorate, me, mum, dad, the backdrops, the floor, about 10 wraps and a blanket I believe. But again, I doubt I will ever forget him! Mum and Dad said they have never seen him so awake. He was 15 days but overdue so technically a bit older. This was literally the first shot and how perfect is he! Barely any retouching needed he was so perfect. He may have peed on me oh and I forgot was sick all down my arm hahaha but he gave the best squishy cuddles.

Towards the end we tried for parent poses and bless him Arthur was done and he demonstrated but showing his disapproval all over mum. With what we don't know, as how can one baby have so much in him hehe.

Oh Arthur it was an absolute pleasure to meet you little man :)

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