Tommy & Pyloric stenosis

Tommy! 17 days new. My first newborn of 2020.

When he came into the studio and mum undressed him to unveil his chubby little cheeks I was in love with him already. What an absolute little darling. He gave me all the poses and more. Mum was happy to have some portraits and had these amazing black tattoos which contrasted with a newborn is really nice. The rough with the smooth - love tats and babies! So I asked her if she would like to do a fine art style portrait which she replied what is fine art photography? A common question! Fine Art Photography is a portrait created with a purpose, to convey a certain feel to them. To me they are painterly, a painted feel bringing the art of the old into the current day. It is one of my favourite types of photography. I'm super looking forward to my mother's day fine art sessions!!! Keep your eyes peeled or sign up to my subscribers' list.

When they came back for their viewing session, little Tommy had been struggling to keep his food down and whilst this is usual for little ones to bring milk back up, his mum was concerned and had already paid the doctor and A&E a visit. You do think you are a bit 'extra' when they are this small and you worry about every little thing but I always say TRUST your Mama instincts!!!!! If you feel something is wrong, you go get your baby checked a hundred times if needed!!

During the session little Tommy brought up his milk almost 2 hours post feed in such a way that it stopped me in my tracks and I was concerned also, this was not normal. The liquid was partially clear which to me was an indication of stomach fluids and this did not sit right with me and as a mum I urged this new mum to trust her instincts. Well she did just that thankfully and took him back to A&E and insisted on further investigation. Mama Bear was RIGHT!! Poor Tommy had something called Pyloric Stenosis and needed a little operation to fix it. This is something I have never heard of so with mums permission I am sharing part of their story to educate other new mums about this - Pyloric stenosis is a condition where the passage (pylorus) between the stomach and small bowel (duodenum) becomes narrower. The pylorus passage is made up of muscle, which seems to become thicker than usual, closing up the inside of the passage. This stops milk or food passing into the bowel to be digested.

Symptoms to look out for:

Vomiting after feeding. The baby may vomit forcefully, ejecting breast milk or formula up to several feet away (projectile vomiting). ...Persistent hunger. ...Stomach contractions. ...Dehydration Your baby might cry without tears or become lethargic. ...Changes in bowel movements. ...Weight problems.

Tommy has recovered fast from his little operation and mum tells me he is gaining weight and keeping all his food down. Can‘t wait to see him again at product collection time, he had lush rolls to start with so with him now enjoying his food just think of the baby rolls :)

Here is Gorgeous Tommy and his Mama Bear. You are safe and protected and mama You Got This!

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