The schools are back... now what!?

When the schools broke up a week before Christmas none of us could have known that it would be over 3 months before the students would return again. That we would be back again homeschooling and that this time it was harder...

The novelty had well and truly worn off, there was more school work and the weather was not on our side, grey and miserable on all accounts.

But... one step at a time, day by day we got through it and now the kids are back. For those that have worked throughout you are probably relishing the chance to get some work done without the added concerns of home schooling. For those that work from home you are probably enjoying the quiet and not having constant interuptions. For those stay at home parents you are probably enjoying that hot cup of tea in peace and cracking on with the housework maybe.

From personal experience however, time tends to fly by and we knew it Easter holidays arrived and you wondered why you didnt make the most of the peace why you could.

So heres some suggestions of activities to embrace until the next break the kids have.

Fully embrace the YOU time. Whether you can spare a few hours a day or just 5 minutes do not consider making time for yourself a luxuary, consider it a necessity. You cannot pour from an empty cup so they say so make time to top yours up. Schedule in some self care, enjoy a cup of tea in the spring sunshine , enjoy a long hot uninturupted bath, whatever takes your fancy. Go the hairdresser for goodness sake and sort your barnet out, sorry did I just say that out loud :) Shout out to Vintage Rock who always fix my hair woes

Start a new book, my goodness a great book can give us a sense of unrivaled escapism that is much needed at the moment.

Exercise- if the exercise took a back seat during the latest lockdown now is the time to reclaim it . Walk, run, bike, step whatever takes your fancy, get those endorphins pumping and that immune system boosted.

Olivia has recently started as transformational personal training programme with Little Lady Lifts and is loving not only the result but the tailored approach Fran has to you as an individual! Big goals here one being a boudoir shoot with the amazing Magdalena and looking forward to seeing the long term results!

Reconnect- it happened to all of us during the latest lockdown, the zoom calls, the constant texts to our friends may have dwindled as enthusaism for everything seemed hard to muster. Now is the time to pick up that phone and have a long chat with your friend. Currently you are now permitted to go for a walk with an individual, so why not arrange to do that? A nice walk once a week with a coffee and a natter is good for the soul.

Take up a new hobby- been longing to take up running, felting or knitting then now is your chance. Make some time for you doing something you enjoy.

Spring clean- now this one may have a mixed reaction but I Kayleigh actually really love cleaning, having a clean tidy home helps me to focus and feel able to tackle whatever else may come my way.

Book any appointments you've needed to make, if you have been in need of a dental check up or an eye test now is the time to get that booked in- take care of yourself.

After so long of having very little time for ourselves it is time to reclaim some of it. Make some time for yourself in the coming weeks. You absolutely deserve it.

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