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Taking Time for Yourself

Sometimes in life we can become overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’ yes but stuff I mean all the &£”! life can throw at you. I’m always reminded that it’s in the how you deal with the stuff that sets you apart and helps you stay away from the negative and steer towards the positive. I’m personally going through a period of time when all my buttons are being pushed by just about everyone, I’m only human and I’m not immune to life :) I tend to treat my newborn sessions like meditation for me which is so helpful and uplifting! I’ve been signed up to the Daily Om newsletter for a while and ive shared today’s one below, I’m taking inspiration from my little one who is currently doing yoga, she puts most of us adult to shame lol (cosmic kids yoga in YouTube!).

Do take a moment and have a read of the daily om, there may just be a little something in there for you.


Making time for the activities that contribute to yourself has little to do with being selfish.

Modern life compels us to rush. Because we feel pressured to make the most of our time each day, the activities that sustain us, rejuvenate us, and help us evolve are often the first to be sacrificed when we are in a hurry or faced with a new obligation. It is important we remember that there is more to life than achieving success, making money, and even caring for others. Your spiritual needs should occupy an important spot on your list of priorities. Each task you undertake and each relationship you nurture draws from the wellspring of your spiritual vitality. Taking the time to engage in spiritually fulfilling activities replenishes that well and readies you to face another day. Making time for the activities that contribute to your spiritual growth has little to do with being selfish and everything to do with your well-being. Regularly taking the time to focus on your soul's needs ensures that you are able to nurture yourself, spend time with your thoughts, experience tranquility, and expand your spiritual boundaries.

It is easy to avoid using our free moments for spiritual enrichment. There is always something seemingly more pressing that needs to be done. Many people feel guilty when they use their free time to engage in pursuits where they are focusing on themselves because they feel as if they are neglecting their family or their work. To make time for yourself, it may be necessary to say no to people's requests or refuse to take on extra responsibilities. Scheduling fifteen or thirty minutes of time each day for your spiritual needs can make you feel tranquil, give you more energy and allows you to feel more in touch with the universe. Writing in a journal, meditating, studying the words of wise women and men, and engaging in other spiritual practices can help you make the most of this time.

Making time to nurture your spirit may require that you sacrifice other, less vital activities. The more time you commit to soul-nurturing activities, the happier and more relaxed you will become. The time you devote to enriching your spirit will rejuvenate you and help you create a more restful life.

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