Sienna’s first birthday cake smash at my Hertfordshire Portrait Studio

This has to be one of my favourite cake smash session to date. To be fair however most little ones when they come in for the cake smash are my new favourite so don’t be offended when you booking for your little one I’ll probably think that’s my favourite one now too.

This mum requested an all white theme, she then sent me a few images of some cake smash that I have done previously which featured if you more detail but I think a little bit more boho which is right up my street.

I spent the evening before making the set and set design, when you do set designs you do tend to look at the details and get a little bit stressed that somethings just do not look the way that they should for me this was the end in the one I could not fathom if it was the right amount and it round and turn it round and in the end that deduced that I was correct in the first place, and left it that way I decided to add some balloons to make a white and a hint of gold glitter balloons to make a a garland.

Are used to absolutely hate take smashes I thought they were the tackiest thing on the planet and we take a lot of our inspiration from America and it was really tacky a good few years ago since then I stopped offering them all together until about two years ago when I decided this is my studio and I will offer it my way so people will book me for my styling rather than I want all the balloons and bunting in this yucky messy cake and that is not me not my style in.

I set about finding my style of a Cakes Messages and discovered it’s very much USA inspired but from certain people who make these beautiful elaborate sets I love them but they’re a bit 0TT so I want to do my final watered-down version of them is that you now see from me.

When mum and dad walked him with a little baby Siena for her first birthday cake smash portrait session in my Hertfordshire studio, dad walked in and said oh it is exactly how I wanted it to be looked darling to his wife so she will look as well he absolutely loved my styling and I honestly thought it was the wife’s idea clearly it was dad that’s a total first! how lovely is it for a daddy to care so much for a cake smash! Little Siena truly is the apple of her daddy is The apple of her daddy’s eye.

When you choose to book in with me, you are guided through a questionnaire which cover what colours you would like and any allergies your little one might have. My cake maker is an award winning baker and she can literally make a cake from thin air if need be so you can rest assured if your little one is gluten intolerant, allergic to eggs etc put that down on the booking form. I’ve yet to find an allergy she cannot handle!!!

The cakes she makes for me are small but lack a beautiful punch! Quite often there is some left over as baby has not destroyed the cake, they actually rarely do... so most mums and dads do get to take a bit home with them to have with a nice cup of tea.

If you would like to book in,g get in touch with Olivia or you can easily book online.

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