Schools out and mini session info

So most of us have missed out on the end of year portraits. What a strange year huh!!!

I have used a template to make thank you cards for the teachers from all the children in my daughters class and also did these as keepsakes for us mums!

I’ve had templates like these for a few years and I have never got around to offering the back to school portraits as I’ve always been too busy to squeeze in the mini sessions.

This year I thought you know what, why don’t I offer the template!!! Doesn’t need to be my portrait that goes in it as long as it’s a good quality photo, it’s your keepsake for the fridge door and grandma’s shelf right!

So here it is! If you would like your version all you need to do is upload your little ones photo and fill out the info needed for the text and place your order.

Unless this goes silly popular I will be turning these around within 24hours of accepting your order. A small fee of £20 is required.

Given the amount of text needed this is intended for one child or multiples who are in the same class. (Keep the achievements to one line if multiples)

I’ve shared to my Facebook and directly with you my blog followers only for now.

Studio update: I am open! Yai!!!

July is pretty much full and August is filling up too. Very grateful to have wonderful clients who have waited so patiently and all the new ones who are trusting me. I do not take this lightly and have mammoth procedures in place to make sure it is as safe as possible.

For clients who are not ready for a studio setting but really want a family portrait. I am offering family mini sessions for £199 which includes 10 digitals. See the website mini session page for more info.

Stay safe and look after each other!

Olivia and Kayleigh x

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