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Yes this is the digital age and while I was born in the 80's and witnessed the digital age eruption and went from the age of dial up to the omg this page took 10 seconds to load call the internet company and complain trend. What we had however was the best of both worlds, an understanding for the need to print our photographs as they were captures of a moment in our lives that we will never get back, the migration to instant gratification with the age of the iPhone soon arrived and I for one are one of those grateful people who due to having my phone within easy reach and managed to capture ALL my babies firsts from her first laugh and smile to her saying Mummy (I was crying my eyes out in this video!) but whats missing is the photo albums. Now its all about flicking through the phone snaps and reliving something.....BUT what happens when you are not tech savvy and have not backup up all those images to somewhere in the cloud and your device breaks, is stolen etc. Heartbreak is what ensues!!!

Even I a photographer am not infallible in this area and learnt the hard way! Last year my very first external hardrive failed on me, media corruption they called it. I was devastated to be told that it was quite likely my drive was gone for good. My heart broke, my baby whole first year and deceased grandfathers last video and voice recording was on there, as were our wedding digitals (these were also somewhere else as this THIS was the back up drive!) In the end it took about 6 months of going back and forward to find someone as I was not going to give up, but £600 later (I had been quoted £3k!!!!) everything and I mean everything was restored! Incidentally on this drive was a clients christening that had long been delivered, they contacted me to ask did I still have them as they had lost them and voila, they had even pulled these back too. My point is even the back ups fail! I am in the process of printing a bloody library of albums now. together with photographing all her artwork as there is no way we can keep all this paper, theres piles of it and she's only 4... so am turning these into a annual of her artwork and images from each year so she will have her little story.

We can capture images of anything and everything, meaning that those precious memories will be with us forever. My daughter said to me this morning, Mummy I can't remember being a baby, can you tell me? In this moment I realised the bigger responsibility of capturing her childhood wasn't for us, its for her as photographs spark off memory and these are hers from her life journey not mine not her dads.

But let’s have a think for a second - all those images on your phone…when was the last time you printed them out?

I personally love it when my clients opt for one of my collages, albums or even prints as I know they are going to be looked at and loved. Not on a USB kept in a draw gathering dust or on a hardrive or computer that has long died.


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