Open up / Don't open up - I am Opening Back Up....whoooo hooo

I hope you and your family are well! We are almost at the finish line.... well it is in sight at least..phew!

My what a few months it has been for us all, we have all been impacted in many different ways. I hope it has not been to hard for you! On a personal note its been very tough in many ways but also a wonderful chance to have great bonding time with my child and work on some personal things that are important to me and has changed my life going forward I guess! Out of something like this there has to be a positive!

A great positive for me now is I will be opening back up in line with the hair and beauty industry as for what I do, I mostly need to be in close contact, so the governments 15th June was a catch all which did not apply to my genre of photography. Open up / Don't open up...

With the diary now able to open, my spaces are very limited as I want to remain open and safe, so one of the big changes among many are I will only be working in the studio twice a week to allow for cleaning days between and also mother natures healing powers to help ensure the studio is super clean and safe. At the time of sending this there are only 3 sessions left for July.

What measures have I taken to make the studio safe? Great question!

I have discovered the amazing power of UV! and something called Ozone... that most likely will need a google but it's mind boggling the things you can actually do to kill I have a UV Air purifier & UV Ozone light - it's so powerful I cannot even be in the studio when it is on or for 90 minutes after....crazy but it kills 99.9% of yucky things. This will be used before and after each session.

I have (sobs into a tissue) ripped up my new carpet and resigned it to the back room, to help me manage the clean up after each session. Steaming a new carpet would be crazy right. So have extended the white flooring throughout, hey it bounces the light more and makes the studio lighter too.

PPE; all clients will now enter through the trade entrance (it's not pretty, bit of a man environment but that is where the bathroom is to wash your hands prior to entering the studio reception where you will have hand sanitiser, show covers and masks. All clients will be required to use PPE whilst in the studio.

Most of you will know the size of my studio, it is a crazy 15 meters long and just over 4 meters wide. Social distancing can be maintained easy given the size.

For portrait sessions I will be using my big lenses which allow me to be a distance from my subjects so we are all safe. For newborns, I have introduced a lifestyle newborn session for any new parents who would wish to keep to the social distancing with their new baby. For my traditional posed sessions. I have consulted with numerous professionals in the baby professions and I actually have a lot more PPE and safety measures than community midwives making home visits have, so I am confident that as long as all rules are adhered to for both you and I, that I can still pose a baby, the BUT is sessions session time will be shortened. Sessions will have a tweaked workflow to ensure a full gallery as normal but sessions will be no longer than 2 hours with the aim to be 1.5 and ONLY one client in a working day and only two session a week. So for newborns the choice for posed or lifestyle is totally up to you. It is important to me that you can still have your portrait no matter what level of personal comfort you are with social contact going forward.

For maternity and Newborn please go ahead and book in your future dates.

For maternity you are looking at 28-36 weeks and for newborn book a date that is two weeks post your baby due date.

I am so looking forward to getting back to work and I hope you all see the work I have put into making my studio safe for us all.

Hope to see you soon!!

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