One year since Covid closed my business

On the 16th March 2020 I took the decision to close my business. This was mere days before the national lockdown order was issued. I was broken. We had never been in this situation before at that time there was no information about whether any support for businesses would be in place and what that might look like or how long lockdown would last.

We hoped it was maybe just for a few weeks , I thought to myself 2 weeks on homeschooling then the Easter holidays and i'm sure it will be ok to return by then... little did i know... little did we know!

As we now know we have been in a state of lockdown (on and off) for a whole year and in the brief period that we were allowed to open things did not go back to how they were before with masks and visors now in place and the words social distancing on everyones lips. We all had to adjust and change and rethink how we did things.

With covid always in the back of our minds we couldn't plan, well we could but we always knew there was a good chance that those plans may be cancelled. After October half term it was annouced we would enter a second lockdown . This was a devestating blow as all our festive mini sessions then had to postponed or cancelled and the business was once again thrown into chaos.

The second lockdown was lifted slightly and replaced by the Tier system and thankfully we were able to hold our Santa shoots just before Christmas when we entered tier 3 and had to close once more.

After Christmas it was annouced that the whole country was once again in a state of national lockdown and once again our doors remained closed.

This time however there was a difference, a vaccination program and rapid testing had been developed over the past year and so hope was firmly on the agenda.

A roadmap out of lockdown was annouced, along with the news that we could hopefully open on April 12th hopefully for good this time.

What have I learnt...?

How much I over worked!!! Having time to slow down to a snails pace, I can appreciate time for myself, time for my mental health, time for my family and time for my friends. Geez I did nothing but work before all of this and I guess that is why my ‘creative/artistic’ business, you know the ones you are not supposed to be able to make a living from was a success And is still standing despite the least working year to date and of course the hardest year too.

Family and putting yourself first is most important. If my business had failed due to this pandemic then at least I would have them and keeping them all safe and healthy is most important to me.

With that in mind, I will be promoting a lot more family photoshoots!

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