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So you had a baby in lockdown, your plans for a newborn Photoshoot were messed up and now you’re worried it’s too late and it’s really upsetting you even if you are pretending it’s fine, you will just put it down to it’s one of those things.

Hey mama it’s OK you are not alone! There is a long line of newborns just on my list alone and I am one in thousands of newborn photographers in the country... There are so many parents who are in your situation and feel just like you too.

So I thought I’d write a little post about older newborns. Now before this pandemic I would never turn a baby away, I would just work with them and this has put me in a great position to deal with the mass of older newborns that came after lockdown 1.0. The second lockdown didn’t have a big impact but there were a few older ones between 4-7 weeks old. Here is one of them at 6 weeks old. Bonus...the extra chub and eye contact.

An older newborn can be some of the sweetest underrated portraits around.

Here we have baby Abigail 15 weeks old. We have her new baby brother coming in to see us in April. He too will be about 10 weeks.

Here we have a four week old

More older newborn

Get in touch to secure your baby’s portraits.

I have introduced a dedicated older newborn session which are shorter in length meaning I can fit more in.

My usual newborn sessions are up to three hours and I only take on 8 a month to be able to ensure I can move the diary around in case baby comes early or late. These sessions are dedicated to my precooked clients. Most clients book from 20 week scan onwards. This lockdown release has a lot of my precooked clients in there. I cannot wait to meet them all. I plan on filming my newborn sessions from now on.

Cannot wait for April now!


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