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Newborn baby senses - Hertfordshire newborn baby photographer SG12

I truly love being a newborn photographer and documenting their little life in those first few weeks that a baby is bought into this world is quite simply the best job I’ve ever had...

When they change ever so quickly right before your eyes, they don’t even know they are a person or separate to you, their sight hasn’t formed yet and they are all about the senses. I think this is what makes a newborn baby so very pure! They just sense. We could learn a lesson from them! So that’s sight! What about the other senses?

TOUCH - They feel your touch it makes them feel secure. Go hug a loved one for at least a whole minute!

TASTE - they know nothing about taste! Have you ever tasted formula 🤢can’t say I’ve tasted breast milk since not being a baby myself but apparently it’s sweet.... maybe this is why they will latch and want to stay their 🥰no just kidding not wanting to start a feeding debate 😂

HEARING - wow they will know their mums voice a mile off and it’s more to do with vibrations. If we sit and listen to certain noises they give off a certain vibration these resonate with different parts of us! I love a bit of meditation and I will if need be hummmmmmmm at a baby in distress and the slow constant noise is reassuring to them! I guess just like us putting in our favourite song on repeat...it gets into your souls and bones and feeds you!

SMELL - well for this very reason I will ask mum to stay back from baby when I am posing them and will favour dad giving me the extra pair of hands when needed! A baby knows it’s mums smell out of a million scents! If she comes close they just want to be there with her. She sadly mostly smells like dinner to them and not because she literally smells of milk, spit up, dirty nappies, dry shampoo and talc etc 🤣(bless my mummies don’t really stink hehehe) but because she has a distinct smell known only to her baby! They are imprinted to each other 🥰even if she were covered in mud her baby would know her and happily roll around in it!

These to me are the most incredible few weeks of your lives, and why I specialise in this field of photographing newborn babies....

Don’t wait to capture this stage!


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