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National Story Telling Week 2021

It’s National Storytelling week and I know I love nothing more than reading a story with my child or Kayleigh my PA who loves reading with her children.

Things are a little bit different this year, but what better time to engage in a bit of extra story telling than during lockdown regardless of the age of your child.

It is never too early to start reading to your baby, reading to your bump is an excellent way to bond with baby long before his or her arrival. From around 20 weeks babies can start to recognise sounds . I have such wonderful memories of reading "Oh the places you will go!" to my bump.

Maternity Portraits

When baby arrives reading to them can help produce moments of calm, can help you both take a moment from the whirlwind that comes with having a new baby and reassure them with the sound of your voice.

Newborn Portraits

As children grow continued reading can improve speech and language skills and encourage a thirst for knowledge that will set them up for life.

Milestone portraits

Looking to widen your collection of books this week? There are two wonderful local independent book shops in Herts , The Book Nook and Leaf Cafe. You can still support The Book Nook by purchasing online here. .

Hertfordshire libraries are also doing their ready reads packs where by you can click and collect books hand chosen by the librarians.

There are also a range of free online e-books or audio books such as Free Booksy The Oxford Owl for Home or the Jolly Phonics free e-books.

A personal recommendation of mine is The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy a truly beautiful book and one that can be enjoyed by all ages and is particulary relevant during these difficult times you can find a link to it here.

So whether you take a stroll in the deep dark wood with The Gruffalo, invite a Tiger to Tea or set off on an adventure with Winnie the Pooh, I encourage you to embrace reading with your child and create memories to treasure always.

Childrens brains are quite literally sponges, story telling helps fire up the imagination and creativity, I could probably attribute a lot of my creativity to my Dad who would read to me, in great animation, he would really get involved and take on each character and I absolutely loved this time with him, he would also take us long walks or as sold to us adventures over Hackney Marshes, we would be on treasures hunts always filled with story telling from factual things about the animals and insects to made up stories about the yellow brick road (a random pathway in the middle of the marshes). I wonder if it’s still there!?

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