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National Make a Friend Day

The Wonder of Mum Friends- By Kayleigh (Olivias PA)

Since having children my friendship groups have inevitably changed. I was blessed that on both occasions close friends of mine were pregnant at similar times and so we got to share those special occasions together.

One of my closest friends had a child just 7 weeks before my eldest son was born and we very much enjoyed sharing our experience together. Likewise my youngest was fortunate to be born only a few months before his closest friend and so has always had a buddy a similar age to him not too far away.

Motherhood can be isolating and it can be difficult to adjust to the changes in your social life (ie its non existence!) and sometimes you can find yourself drifting away from friends who do not have young children as your priorities and daily lives may now be worlds apart. This can leave mothers feeling lonely and isolated.

Now of course I am not saying you should ditch child free friends (absolutely not), hang on to good friends they are like gold dust!! But what I am saying is you need at least one mum friend in your corner. One who you can WhatsApp during 2am feeds, or cry on their shoulder during those difficult days or laugh with when a poop explosion has gone terribly wrong. One who will be your wing woman at baby groups and absolutely not mind when you need to go to a child friendly place for your coffee or judge you if you turn up with un washed hair and your clothes on backwards (talking from experience here!).

Now of course not everyone has children at the same time as their friends but thankfully Hertfordshire is blessed with some amazing local baby groups and services which you can access and meet other mothers. I know that if you are going on your own sometimes the thought of walking into a new group or class can be terrifying. If a class isn't your thing how about a local child friendly café or the park. But today , on National Make a Friend Day, I urge you to be brave, take a deep breath and go and mix with other local mothers. After all they say it takes a village to raise a child so go and build yours.

I run local webpage Mum's Guide to Hertford, where you can find a comprehensive list of local activities, clubs and classes for parents and children.

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