Mums it’s ok to not be ok

A NIGHT IN A&E IS NOT FUN! Kids cannot be trusted!!!

So how has your summer been fellow self employed working mums?? Are you still alive? I'm trying my best to manage it all Particularly with moving studio, its the same as moving house... backlog of work, shoots, viewings, admin and of course the biggest job of all MUM!!

Apologies for any delays in my getting back to you, you are on my list and not invisible its just you see things like this happen that derail my day/week.

I sit down of an evening for a night of work, I have emails I need to get back to, orders that need placing, chasing, editing of a session in preparation for showing beautiful portraits of a clients newborn baby when from upstairs the voice of my baby goes "Mummy I have to tell you something".....

Now she is four and doing the typical thing of stalling bedtime - my god sometimes its pushing ten and im pulling my hair out as she used to be a 7pm and down kinda girl leaving me a good few hours before bedtime to get work down....this has not been the case for months now and I am slowly realising that I need to work in a more 'business like manner' as in when the keys lock on the studio door the working day is over!! So I may have to take less sessions to accommodate admin and editing during my working day.

Anyhow I digress. I call up to her (serious mum guilt over this!!!) "I don't care get back in bed" 😞

15 mins later we can hear her footsteps allover her bedroom, so as im working the hubby heads upstairs for our usual routine of get back in bed. Only this time, I hear him start shouting "you've done WHAT", "You've swallowed what" ok so the laptop quickly went down as I ran upstairs to find out what the hell is going on.

She had earlier when first put to bed, crept out of bed and on the landing taken a broken piece of our Elephant Ornament - the tusk. A two inch horn shape piece and gone back to bed with it. placed it in her mouth pretending it was her 'long teeth' just like the vampire cartoon she had watched the previous day. She was laying down and it slipped into her throat and got caught, she tried to get it out but it was stuck and then she swallowed it. Yep that really hurts to write that! We are trying desperately to get that out of our heads but its hard!! So my husband is bouncing off the ceiling mad, I am pretty cool headed in an emergency so was doing my best to calm her and him whilst navigate my thoughts of ok, what material was it and can she pass it on her own, actually thats quiet sharp and could perforate her insides, omg we need to go to hospital!

She is terrified of going to hospital as she thinks they are going to cut her open to get it out, I didn't do too much of telling her thats not going to happen as quite frankly I had no clue how they would get it out if needed.

Five hours spent in A&E, an X-ray which they could not see the item due to the material of it. We were sent home with a pooh watch task for three days, to then bring her back if nothing had passed.

The tusk has thankfully passed and I can resume a normal level of mum stress, rather than the heightened one I have been living in recently.

So yes, I saw a post recently that said check in on your working mums over this summer - we are not all right. Indeed we are not alright 😞. The smiles cover worry and stress!

Go spend time with your babies, you never know what can happen and you cannot get time back. So like I say many apologies for my delays. Until Sept I’m hers!

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