Mothers supporting Mothers

When I first became a mum I really struggled to get breastfeeding going. I struggled with bonding after having an emergency section and my amazing husband taking on the whole responsibility of us both. I struggled with feeling so out of my depth and that I would kill my baby by not taking proper care of her like I had fish pets in the past. I was scared of everything quite overwhelmed.

I was lucky to have a small network of friends and family who helped me some knowing and some unknowing! I had mastitis 17 days after giving birth and ended up in hospital hooked up to an IV on Boxing Day. To say I felt broken is an understatement! If I had little to no support I am not sure how I would have got through that period of time. This makes me worry about women who go through post natal depression or Postpartum psychosis

I am not qualified to help but I can signpost!

Here are links to where you can get some help:

Laleche- breast feeding and new mum support

The Daisy Foundation- Hertford and Ware antenatal and post natal support from weekly classes to birthing support.

Six week social - Over six weeks specialists will help you reflect on birth stories, learn ways to get your baby to sleep, and understand how to look after yourself physically and emotionally.

Mums Guide - What do do with your little ones as they grow from bumps to teens mums guide is a great platform covering so many areas. Here is the Hertford guide but is easy enough to find surrounding areas.

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