How are you? Genuinely how are you?

Keeping your mind healthy V personals struggles and managing workload.

How are you? Genuinely how are you?

Have you checked in with yourself lately? Yes you mumma bear, I mean you!

Are you hiding in the cupboard under the stairs from the kids, or are your perfecting everything as a way of having control or perhaps flitting between perfection and the stairs!? I think most of us fall within this landscape.

A lot of the time I think we might rather be asleep.

This lockdown has been an eye opener for me and we are only two weeks in. My daughter is actually in the curriculum (Y1) now so has real work to complete, suddenly I have found myself becoming a primary school teacher, she is not quite old enough to keep her attention going and follow instructions like; pause this video, rewind it to a certain point, retrieve xyz information, forward back to the paused part and continue, only to do the same thing again in two minutes.... there is no 6 year old who is going to do that on their own. Let’s just say I have a new found respect for her teachers!!! Trying to keep your child focused, motivated, learning, doing the activity, amongst the usual, I want to do something else drama, the tap is distracting me, I am hungry, after just devouring a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes followed two slices of toast mum, mum, mum ( Having now changed my name to Bob), Bob, Bob, Bob.....I liken it to dinner time.

Please eat your dinner.

Present child dinner of healthy food

Child refuses to eat healthy food, quite cross this is not what they ordered, demands a refund...

Parent/s, please eat your dinner, eat your dinner, eat your dinner now, for the love of kjndcjjn eat your dinner, 1 hour later, please just a few mouthfuls at least, ok one pea and we can call it a day.....

How do teachers do this with a class of mind is now boggled, they are saints! It is laughable that I thought I would be able to work and homeschool. I cannot. I can accommodate learning at home, this is something totally different to homeschooling.

But in the midst of all this there is YOU, putting everyone’s else’s needs ahead of your own. Have you even brushed your hair lately... honestly!? We like to wear this Wonder Woman cape, and hey in sheer amazement we somehow get through another day and reflect on how marvellously we have done. But at what cost. Did you take care of you under the cape?

I am a great believer in delegation and me for one, Ironing... takes so long, there is so much I could be doing better with my time, so I outsource that bad boy. Yes they are still able to run and falls under the click and collect banner. That is one less job. I am desperate for a cleaner, but after a not so brill trial am a little scarred and to trust a stranger in your home... eek. But I could really do with the help as I am not in fact Wonder Woman. I can look around me and see there is so much that needs doing and that if I didn’t have the distraction of teaching at home, admin for the business, being mum.. I would absolutely blitz the place. I am inches away getting a load of black sacks and emptying the house and adopting a minimalist lifestyle purely as I cannot deal with the clutter anymore. But I am a sentimental fool, most of this clutter is my child’s mess and hey I don’t have the extra space to accommodate her art studio so have to suck it up.

What I can do for myself is give myself a SPA, at home of course, treating my skin to a good few treatments when she has gone to bed, a chill in the bath binge watching a new series. Have you heard, Sex and the City is coming back.... cannot wait! Am currently doing a juice cleanse. 28 days in fact, the first part is alongside 200,000+ others taking part of Jason Vales Big January Cleanes. I purchased myself some sexy new lights, a chandelier and sumptuous new bedding for my bedroom. All these little things are what I can do within my control to help me be ok over this lockdown.

If you are drowning yourself away with glasses of wine etc at the end of the day, whilst I advocate one, this is all too easy a slippery slope. So do be conscious of how you are getting by/through this time. Be good to yourself as if you are not good to yourself what example are you setting. THAT is teaching too.

My New Years resolution was this is the year of ME.

I have started my juice cleanse for me!

I have purchased myself a great bit of kit called the and I am already stronger and fitter, I have used it almost every single day. I do not like cardio!

Bath and SPA treats etc

These are some of the things I am doing for me. Putting me first for once, which is how it should always be. People say flippant comments like my kids come first. By putting YOU first you are putting them first too. If your mind and body is good, your are setting an amazing example to them and can be at your best to give them the best.

Be the best version of you, simply by putting yourself first.

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