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I started newborn photography way back in 2013, there was no photographer in Hertfordshire that I knew of that did dedicated newborn photography. I however had absolutely no clue that you could ‘pose’ a baby, I thought cute laying on a blanket baby portraits were beautiful. They totally are when you have not photographed baby right up the nostrils, DON’T DO IT, just don’t do it... As I photographed more and more people and their children, I found it was the babies that had me all fired up and in love with each image. I would constantly turn my laptop around to show my husband what I was working on going ooohhh look how cute this baby is. He got pretty bored of this fairly fast. I however found that I had this affinity with it.

This was all around the time that we were trying for a baby and this was also the same time as our first baby loss. So it also acted strangely as a bit of healing for me, I did not cancel anyone’s sessions with me despite them being free for me to learn, I wanted to start as a professional as I knew where I was heading. Sadly I then had a few more losses and needed to take time off photography as I was working full time at Tesco head office, I managing the Europe and Asia headcount, juggling it all whilst experiencing such losses became a bit much for me and I needed to focus on paying the bills and healing.

Fast forward a year and my daughter was born, of course I tried posing her, the poor thing....haha they are awful pictures but I can look past the dodgy posing and see my beautiful baby. I was part of a mums social media group with another photographer in there who hailed from Wales and I am sure she was having a good laugh at my photography attempts and in the end she realised I was actually quite serious and added me to a dedicated facebook group that no longer exists. But it was like suddenly I was thrown into the middle of this amazing ocean of photographers and some seriously talented newborn photographer my brain imploded and it went a little bit like; what am I seeing, oh wow that is sweet, whoa how did she, you can pose a baby like what.... Some of these photographers were also trainers. I wasted zero time and started investing in training and the rest is history.

When I started offering newborn photography sessions I looked at other baby photographers in Hertfordshire, a google search would bring up lots of Australian and American newborn photographers where newborn posing was really established and some amazing photographers like Ana Brandt and Kelly Brown quickly became some of my favourites, they are the celebs of my industry and I am quite proud to not only have met but to have partied with them too and have since kept in touch. They are like the Kardashians of newborn photography, self made women!

I then introduced my newborn posing photography craft to an audience who like me didn’t know such things even existed. It really is a craft learning how to pose a baby. Since then I have become known locally for my expertise and am often told I am the a baby whisperer and that no one poses like I do. There are other newborn photographers locally, we all tend to know each other in professional circles and I find that if you don’t know we exist you wouldn’t know much about who is out there.

We are all very different and our styles are different. In my opinion there are some very good newborn photographers locally so do your research and choose the photographer who’s style you LOVE and want to hang on your walls to look at every single day. If you see one of our portraits and it is something you would love to look at every day. THAT is your photographer. Please don’t measure us against each other on price. Your price point is personal to you, what you can afford, what you are willing to invest in this one time opportunity and what products you want. Our prices are defined by our cost of doing business, the level of skills and training we have invested in, the equipment we own etc. Photography is not a cheap business to run! Someone who works from a home studio will not have studio rents and business rates to pay for a start... Someone starting out will not have these bigger overheads but will also not have the skill set, someone charging very little, may not have big overheads and is most likely yet to do their cost of doing business and when calculating their hours worked in a years time will realise they were not even paying themselves minimum wage, but that is a right of passage we all tend to go through, before we value ourselves, our professional field and start pricing ourselves accordingly.

For me, I charge £99 session fee for my time (this has been half price since Jan 2020 and I plan to keep it at £49 for 2021 also, while we weather this pandemic) I then have a minimum spend of £299. That being said most clients spend on average £1200+ Yes, it is a big investment, but quality products are not found on the high street, my frames are custom made, my montages are custom designed right in front of you, taking into account all your personal tastes. I once purchased a high street frame to show clients the difference and it literally fell apart in my hands before I could even show it the first time, it was actually quite comical how bad it fell apart, I was lucky the glass didn’t cut me. I needed no more to convince me of the quality my labs work at. The craftsmanship is second to none. I work with six of the professional print labs in the UK, as I am particular about the products I offer. I never want to offer something your can get on the high street. So it took me two years before I committed to offering albums. The albums are incredible! The frames I have, are all sampled in the studio for you to view, touch and feel. Multi Aperture (collage/montage) and collections are very popular choices.

My newborn clients tend to want digitals, albums and wall art. I often joke that your USB whilst it’s pretty, will just be a pretty draw ornament in a years time!

If money is tight, opt for a mini newborn session and get yourself some wall art. Then you have the best of both worlds!

If you would like to find out more about my newborn photo shoots head over to my newborn pages.



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