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Expecting a baby in 2021

So here we are 2021, starting the New Year in yet another lockdown and here you are, pregnant, and wondering what an earth pregnancy in the middle of a pandemic might be like.

The dreams of you and bump meeting your friends for a coffee or stroll by the river a distant dream and all those baby classes that you intended to attend to “find your village” and swap stories with other expectant mothers impossible right?

We know this is not how you could have foreseen being pregnant and we know this is an unsettling time. You may been feeling isolated and alone but I promise you, alone is definitely something you are not.

Just like with a lot of aspects of our daily lives we may need to rethink things a little.

Staying connected with Loved ones

The good news is there are plenty of ways to stay connected with your loved ones during pregnancy, you are allowed to meet one person outside the home for a form of exercise. As a pregnant woman you will need to weight out the pros and cons of doing so and head for a quiet spot and do ensure social distancing at all times, but if a socially distanced walk with your best friend is going to be beneficial to your welfare then that is an option for you certainly.

There are plenty of other ways to stay connected with loved ones during your pregnancy such as video calls and picture messages. Why not send a weekly bump snap to your friends!?

You could even chose to have a virtual baby shower with friends via zoom.

Shopping Trips

The long trips spent browsing the aisles of baby stores may now no longer be possible but you could instead create an Amazon Wish list instead which can be shared with family and friends. The internet and local mummy pages are also an excellent source of research where by you can ask for recommendations on baby products too.

Antenatal classes

In terms of antenatal classes and support the great news lots of them are still operating virtually. Local classes by The Daisy Foundation Hertford are raved about locally, and there is support in the form of Mama Jojo a local Postnatal Doula who is always available to chat via social media and has introduced an initiative called “Meet your Mama circle” in order to connect with other parents at a similar time.

The Family Centre

The East Herts Family Centre are still open and will continue to run bookable appointments in their centres across the county. Operating via Eventbrite for such things as accessing our Self Weigh Stations as well as a number of other groups and courses - https://easthertsfcs.eventbrite.co.uk/

In addition to bookable appointments they provide a range of recorded sessions for children and virtual information and guidance for parents via Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams.

Where it would benefit families to receive 1:1 support, this can be provided within a centre, out in the local community, or by phone, email, or video conferencing depending on what’s most helpful to the family.

The Public Health Nursing Service will continue to run their appointment only clinics and health and development reviews during this period.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Health Visiting team you can call 0300 123 7572 Monday - Friday (except bank holidays).

If you have anything that you would like to discuss, their main phone line on 0300 123 7572, our friendly team are ready and waiting to take your call. You can also email them at eastherts.fcsenquiries@oneymca.org or visit our website www.hertsfamilycentres.org.

In terms of classes to sign up to once your new born has arrived there are an abundance of local facilities that lockdown or no lockdown are still, one way or another able to operate. My PA Kayleigh runs local Hertford based webpage Mum’s Guide to Hertford and can sign post you to whats available here:

Empower yourself with knowledge

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy you may find it useful to find out as much information as possible regarding the procedure for birthing in the current climate.

Embrace the time- something we have plenty of during a pandemic is time. Time to really embrace yourself and all the changes your body is going through. Why not keep a diary that you can pass on to your baby when they are older, after all we are living history right now. Make time for yourself, enjoy long bubbly baths, take naps, watch all the tv you want and feel free to nest nest nest.

Lastly here at Olivia Rocco Photography we have relaunched the virtual Newborn sessions head over to the website to book in your consultation www.oliviaroccophotography.com

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