I am working on a special project during October with some Pregnant Mama's.

I have a few already lined up but I need quite a few belly's fir this project!! If you are going to be at least 28 weeks pregnant in October but will not be due to pop in October and are happy to pose in the nude (nude implied) boudoir style portraits both alone and with other pregnant mama's then please put your amazing super human body forward. I will be working alongside my makeup artist who will make you feel wonderful. No Men - all women team so you will be able to feel comfortable!

Newborns.....give me your babies :) no seriously..

I am looking for newborns under two weeks for specific pose practice and some new styling, if your baby has just been born and you do not already have a newborn session booked with me or anyone else then please put your baby forward.

I am also looking for some older newborns to help me refine my mini newborn sessions!

If your baby is over a month old and again your have not had a newborn session (Us Newborn Photographers are a small but tight community and we don't like to tread on each others toes wherever possible) then please do pop your baby forward.

All sessions are for a specific purpose and do not substitute a normal session so please do not expect a client styled session - these can be booked in online HERE

For model call submissions please visit this page for more info and to complete the form, sign the terms and submit. There are no specific dates set, this will be determined by my workload and makeup artist diary (for maternity).

Olivia x

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