Danielle's Maternity Photoshoot with her two year old in tow

The best photobomb ever!!!!!! Maternity Session today and little Scarlet was totally the boss lol

So a few days ago I had a message from this worried mum due in for her maternity session as childcare was a bit hard to come by. Fear not, I told her to bring her little girl along. I have a screen for Netflix, blocks to play with and even some arts and crafts if need be. Bonus of having my child grow up I can steal the things she outgrows for the studio. Lets face it we can only keep these kids amused for five minutes at a time right!

Little Scarlet who is the dreaded two was actually more like a three year old. So confident and totally her own boss and to be fair both her mums and mine today :)

She helped me set the backdrops up and tweak her mummy's position and even flower placement.

How stunning is this mamma to be!

About Maternity Photography 

This maternity photo-shoot is best suited during the last trimester of your pregnancy. The pregnancy stage of a Woman’s life is the time of epic changes. Your body goes through extremes likened only to atomic energy such is this demanding developmental time.  You may not feel great, I know I didn't but it’s my job as a photographer to make you look and feel amazing so you can have images both you and your child will look back on in wonderment.


You are welcomed into the studio. I will talk to you about what you would like out of your session, show you the outfits I have and have a look at anything you may have brought to your session. ​ I have trained with three of the countries leading photographers for maternity and seek a lot of inspiration from across the pond. I never ever pressure anyone to get naked but it is not uncommon for a client to walk in the door very shy and not really sure of what to expect to be absolutely starkers proudly showing off their bump feeling very beautiful and sexy at the end.


After your session you are invited to book in a view and order session up in the client area on the website. I ask that you leave at least a week between your sessions and no more than a month - you are welcome to prebook this in after you have booked your maternity session in ~ I do love an organised mumma.


Most definitely not, I have a style which I stick to, but I aim to bring out the best of you in the image, I carefully select the best images from your session and editing is more of an overall feel and a little edit to you


You are welcomed into the studio office to enjoy watching up to 30 images of your beautiful bump. I will help you decide your final images based upon your budget, where you have booked a maternity and newborn session I allow you to lay away your chosen images until you come for your view and order newborn session in case you wanted to do a collage or an album. ​ I discuss with you what you would like as an outcome i.e. what sort of person are you, are you a shy mummy to be who would rather keep as digitals for yourself or would you like a stand out piece of wall art to proudly show off the vessel that both made and carried your baby. There is no right or wrong and I pride myself on helping my clients get the most out of their gallery for your budget be it a small one to a no expenses spared.


The best time is between 29-36 weeks, I would urge you to book ahead rather than leave it until you are 34+ weeks as I may not have availability...


No, I have an array of dresses and materials which I source from stunning maternity designers - you are obviously welcome to bring anything you like and I send out a guide for when you book just incase you would like the back up of bringing a little something of your own. Perhaps you have your wedding veil you would like to use, I do love a personal item that has meaning to you.

All sessions are £49 to get booked in. Session fees are separate to packages and are to secure your time in the studio. Min spend is £299, due on the day of your view and order session.

Packages start from £299


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