COVID-19 & Newborn Photography

It is a rather unsettling time at the moment particular as a mother or mother to be right!?

It would be totally remise of me not to address this new virus in terms of running a business that deal with members of the public. Lucky for me I limit the amount of sessions that I take on to allow for early and late arrivals. This also gives me space in the diary for the deep cleans that are going to be needed to ensure my clients and I are safe.

Things that needed to changed or be done as an extra measure!

My newborn sessions over the next few months will be stripped back more so than normal.

Blankets & Materials: Sessions will be using a max of three (backdrops/wraps). As a rule these are always taken home and washed at high temperatures for hygiene - but I don't limit the amount I use, but will be limiting during this time to allows for washing and isolating each for 72 hours.

Props: Two props - these will then be cleaned and isolated for 72 hours then cleaned again before being used again for next client

Hats and Tie backs: two tieback or accessory per newborn these will then be cleaned and isolated for 72 hours then cleaned again before being used again for next client

Hand sanitiser: is freely available as is two bathrooms with antibacterial handsoap for my clients to use

Boxed tissues. Are always close by for clients to catch happy tears but now also for coughs and sneezes A clean bin/trash can to keep close to your clients

Refreshments : Normally I am happy to provide, tea's, coffees etc but given we all have a responsibility for our own safety I will not be able to offer these and will be asking clients to please bring any snacks/drinks with them - most do this anyway as you will be in the studio for a few hours but as its better to avoid cups and glasses, it is best to make this a temporary policy.

Facemasks: Whilst they do not technically stop the virus being caught by the wearer - whilst I am close to your baby I will be wearing one (new for each session) just in case. It will make me feel better and I would hope you also.

High Touch: Chairs, sofas, door handles, bathrooms and sinks. My camera, lenses and high-touch accessories will all regularly be cleaned and I won't be shaking hands :( or giving a goodbye hug to my amazing clients.

I will like the rest of us be watching the turn of events and will be open for as long as I and my family are clear of this virus. That being said my studio may be based on a high street but it is not a high street studio, it is appointment only and is not open to the general public so is not a high traffic area but I totally understand the fear factors surrounding this virus and will not be putting any client at risk nor my own family. It may not be us that are most at risk but our elderly loved ones and with newborns this is an unknown factor yet to be seen.

Steps you can do / requests:

Ensure you wash your hands for 20 seconds or more on a regular basis before handling your baby and when you first arrive I will be asking each client to please wash hands and use the sanitiser

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