Cake Smash Hertfordshire

A little blog about my cake smash sessions in Hertfordshire and why I work the way I do.

When I started offering cake smash sessions many years ago, a look at other cake smash photographers and simple cake smash in Hertfordshire google search would throw up all the more traditional UK versions of a cake smash which to me were tacky and dated. I went about offering what people seemed to want for my cake smash photo shoots in my Hertfordshire studio. I hated them! They were not me and not my style at all. So I made the decision that it was my business and I was not going to offer something I did not like as how could I be proud of my work. This was a job satisfaction issue for me. I was my own boss so I could dictate the terms right!

About a year later, I ran a model call for sitters, these are photo shoots for babies who have just started sitting up, ideally before they crawl and walk and I styled them in such a way that it dawned on me that if I added in a cake to these sets they were a cake smash photo shoot in a style both I and my clients loved, I could easily offer these session with a high street cake and have a first birthday cake smash offer that my clients in Hertfordshire would fall in love with just as much as I. So I put it to the test, I loved them but something was missing... I didn’t like the cakes, I had no control over them...they were too big and a total waste of food which did not sit right with my personal views so I sourced a cake maker to make me the perfect sized cake, just enough for a bit of smashing and enough to go home and I loved them! So did everyone else, people always comment that no one does a cake smash like me, I believe my cake smash set ups and dedicated cake smash cakes are there finishing touches. I have had people travel 108 miles to come to me for a cake smash which I always am amused by as I don’t think i am that special, I just have a different take on it...

I offer something a little more artsy but simple with the focus firmly on your little one. I like to try and draw out your baby’s personality and let their smiles and innocent faces shine through.

I have recently invested in a whole new range of backdrops to offer my clients. I do not simply use a back drop and a bit of bunting. I like to create a bespoke drop custom to each client. I never recreate an exact scene, mostly because I make them according to my eye and imagination there and then so like a painter it’s unique.

I hope my take on a Cake Smash in Hertfordshire stayed unique to me, but I am conscious that I am already being copied so I am happy that the way I work means each set is unique, you can’t recreate that.

Once I take receipt of these new drops, they will form part of your booking form, how cool is that! I like to be as streamlined as possible. Hazards from an old career at Tescos Head Office hehe.

If you would like to find out more about my cake smash photo shoots head over to my cake smash page.

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