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Updated: Jul 26

When little Neive turned one and came back for a cake smash and her older sibling Delphi wanted to be involved I was a little excited as not had siblings involved before. I mean they have got involved to help out but not in a let's get stuck in. Also sometimes a little one needs a bit of coaxing to dig in and smash the cake. Well not this one she LOVED it!!!!! Look at her go :) I am a bit of a softy in this portrait shoot as I have photographed the family a few times so when this happens they kind of becoming my photography family and I simply could not cut this session down anymore.

This has to be one of my all time favourite portraits!

When client become extended family by proxy lol

Did you know I use Sarahs Simple Cakes for my boutique Cakes, she custom makes each one for me, you won't find them advertised on her website mind :) These are just for me! She won the Cake Designer of the Year East from The English Wedding 2019 Awards last year and was a Hertfordshire Life finalist in 2017... I spent the best part of three years looking for a baker who would get exactly what I wanted from my cakes. Sarah has never disappointed! I highly recommend her.

Here is a little sample of my cakes, each one tailer made to match my backdrop and colour designs.

Sometimes I get a special request like I did last year when I photographed one of the England squads children, mum asked for a 100 acre style backdrop theme from Winnie the Pooh. Well if you follow my work you know I prefer to design my sets myself, so an off the shelf backdrop was never going to cut it. My sister is an amazing artist so I had her some into the studio and draw me the design I had in my head. I recall sitting editing a client's gallery whilst cuddling my baby niece so my sister had her hands free to draw. Was a really nice moment to watch her do her thing again. She is a busy mum of four so rarely has time for herself let alone do anything creative. Think as the two little ones get a little older and she gets some time back for herself I will have her come in and do more sets for me.

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