Beautiful Amira’s Newborn Photoshoot

Little 15 day old Amira had big shoes to fill as two years ago I had her big brother in the studio and he aced his newborn session. Now he was back with his baby sister for her newborn photography session at my studio in Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire. Now most 2 year olds are almost impossible to contain in the studio for a newborn session as they generally take a good few hours and how boring is that to an energy abundant little one who needs lots of stimulating. Add to that the factor that you cannot reason with a two year old simply because the neurons in their brain for this have not yet connected, they are still developing so trying to get a two year old to do something they don’t want to or trying to instill any kind of discipline at this stage is laughable and they literally will just laugh at you until you admit defeat :) So you really need to be on your game and on your toes as a parent to a two year old! I remember it all too well!!

I need not have worried!! I fell in love with Zayn all over again. He saw a duck that I use as part of my Cakesmash sessions and he wanted it. Most children would just take it. He literally waited until I told him he could play with it to take it and my heart just melted. I think he is going to make the most caring, thoughtful and sensitive big brother and little Amira is so very lucky.

This beautiful little princess (her name literally means a princess) absolutely rocked her newborn session and I just love her portraits so much. Hope I get to meet her again in years to come to see what a lovely child she has grown into. I think her parents are doing an exceptional job at this parenting lark and we all know that is not an easy job is it!

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