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Baby Photos-why get them?

Baby Photos-why get them?

When you are expecting a baby one of the things you think and dream about is holding your baby in your arms. When your baby arrives you cannot stop looking at them, you are in complete awe at them at how innocent and beautiful they are. Pouty lips, button noses and wind smiles (yes tell yourself it’s a real smile) we all do! At around 6 weeks old you get your first real smile and your baby starts to notice you and stare at you. You can really see the beginnings of their little personality showing and before you know it your newborn is a fully fledged chubby baby and the little details are changing...FAST. This is normally about the time you lift your head up and look back at the world around you that ceased to exist for a while there and if you had never thought of having baby portraits done before, this is when you will start looking only to sadly realise you’ve missed the magic window and all the quality photographers who specialise in newborn baby portraits are booked up. We always advise to book ahead of time to secure a portrait session.

Newborn photoshoots are the best way to capture forever this little slice in time.

I would often turn these older newborns away - but this started to make me really sad so I took the chance on extending the timeline.... This worked really well and I found some older babies will be just as sleepy and posable as a fresh newborn while others are feisty and way too interested in this world they are now in, you almost hear them say "Sleep, who needs sleep", while mum and dad weepily wave in the corner...us!!!!! :) These sassy ones will most likely end up with a smaller gallery, where they are wrapped and in props as if they are not asleep, they cannot safely be posed - and safety is my number one priority when it comes to posing babies. The upshot of this is you will almost guaranteed get open eye portrait of your baby whichI have yet to have a parent not want.

A full session which is 3 hours with plenty of time for feeding and getting baby off to sleep. With an aim of getting all the poses and family images.

To book in either ahead or time to see if I can accommodate a mini Newborn Session please visit the website


Do visit my website for more info on these sessions.


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