So I have been informed there is a bit of a baby boom about to hit us newborn photographers...

Is your baby due in early 2020???

CONGRATULATIONS - You are part of a special group apparently. With this in mind, PLEASE book your newborn photographer ahead of time!! For example this last week alone I have turned away three babies (this breaks my heart!!) but I simple do not have the space in the diary to accommodate any more newborns this year. I will ONLY be taking time away from my family over the Christmas break to open up for any ore booked clients who's baby has arrived early or late. New enquiries will get an automated reply notifying them I am closed for business!

I do bang on about booking ahead for this very reason. I understand some people think it would be superstitious to book in but all you are doing is reserving a spot in my diary so I can plan my working week/month as I am only one person and can only fit so much in. Also I am a mummy too and part of why I started this crazy little business of mine was so I could spend quality time with my little one (who is fast growing up) so I tend to take off every school break to just be MUM! Only the rebooked clients get my time during these period.

Please visit my newborn page for info on how I run my sessions and how to book. All packages are there also.

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