Maternity Photography is hugely popular over in the USA and a slow growing trend here in the UK

This maternity photo-shoot is best suited during the last trimester of your pregnancy.The pregnancy stage of a Woman’s life is the time of epic changes. Your body goes through extremes likened only to atomic energy such is this demanding developmental time.  You may not feel great, I know I didn't but it’s my job as a photographer to make you look and feel amazing so you can have images both you and your child will look back on in wonderment.I have one of the best professional makeup artists in Hertfordshire whom I can happen to be able to call her my soulmate, you can easily add her services in for a mini makeover before your shoot.​

I just want to say thank you so much for today. You made me feel so at ease and comfortable. The minute I walked through the door I knew I was in safe hands.I would highly recommend Olivia Rocco!! She knows what's she is doing, she's thoughtful about what you want and only wants the best.Thank you xxx — Channon Evans

I had my maternity and newborn session with Olivia, both very amazing experiences! When I went to the Maternity session it was the first time for me of a professional foto shoot. I told Olivia about this and she helped me to feel very comfortable and guided me throughout the session, it was lovely and I had lot of fun!  The session with my daughter was funny, as my 5 day old at that point didn't want to close her eyes during the whole session, as Olivia was so nice with her, why waste that time sleeping? � Thank you fir the amazing fotos Olivia, all my friends and family love them! — Jenny Leoni


As a maternity photographer I will make sure you feel stunning and beautiful even if this is the last thing you feel like.  I know only too well what a hard pregnancy is like.  I thought I would be that hippy at peace maternal pregnant lady and I was anything but! Did it factor on my mind to have a maternity photoshoot... Nope the best I had was a selfie (still miss my bump) and yes wish I had known some of the fab photographers I now know and had someone take some beautiful images for me, images in years to come my daughter would of loved to see, Lucia in mummy's tummy and mummy all beautiful.


You are welcomed into the studio.  I will talk to you about what you would like out of your session, show you the outfits I have and have a look at anything you may have brought to your session.​I have trained with three of the countries leading photographers for maternity and seek a lot of inspiration from across the pond.  I never ever pressure anyone to get naked but it is not uncommon for a client to walk in the door very shy and not really sure of what to expect to be absolutely starkers proudly showing off their bump feeling very beautiful and sexy at the end.​​​


After your session you are invited to book in a view and order session up in the client area on the website.  I ask that you leave at least a week between your sessions and no more than a month.​


Most definitely not, I have a style which I stick to, but I aim to bring out the best of you in the image, I carefully select the best images from your session and editing is more of an overall feel and a little edit to you - here is an example video

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