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Advent acts of Kindness for all the family

Kindness is what (in my opinion) makes the world go round. A simple smile , a text message telling someone you are thinking of them or a well timed "Merry Christmas" can literally make someones day.

Acts of kindness particularly during Advent are nothing new of course but with 2020 being well... 2020 we could probably all do with spreading a little kindness and festive cheer this year.

Here are 10 top ideas for acts of Kindness to brighten someones day

1: Donate to the local foodbank, include some luxary items like mince pies or selection boxes as well as staples. Food poverty is unfortuantely on the rise and food banks are a lifeline to so many. Most supermarkets have foodbank donation bins so add a few extra items during your weekly shop and help those in need this Christmas.

2: Buy a supermarket gift card and hand in to your childs school, ask them to pass it on to any family that they know are in need this Christmas.

3: Check in on elderly neighbours, particualrly if they do not have relatives nearby, do they need anything? Drop round a Christmas Card, some biscuits or a small gift and brighten their day.

4: Ahead of the end of term their may be various teacher collections going on. Whether you agree with collections or not take the time to write a letter thanking your childs teacher for all they have done this term. Ask your child to do the same. This is something we do personally at the end of every term and its always been very well received.

5: Donate some toys to the local charity shop.

6: Wish every single person you see or speak to each day a Merry Christmas.

7: Donate a gift. There are various organisations where you can do this. A local one is Jedidiah UK a national charity based in Hertford, welcomes toy donations please for our Christmas hampers. You can find more details here. The Salvation Army are also running an appeal here

8:Buy a gift for our amazing local NHS Staff. The Amazon wish lists for Hertford

Lister and PAH are attached.

9: Let someone go in front of you in line

10: Pay someone a compliment.

If you have any other suggestions for Acts of Kindness do get in touch and let us know and remember in a world where you can be anything.... Be Kind.

Kayleigh & Olivia X

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