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Why hello there! I am the creative behind the beautiful portraits you see on the website and across social media. I absolutely love my job and couldn't envisage myself doing anything else. I took up photography late in life (in my 30's in fact) which given I grew up as a photographers model for my mum who was a wedding and portrait photographer, and my whole childhood is told through images which I treasure, it is an odd thing that I never thought to pick up a camera sooner but I honestly didn't own a camera until 2013!! It was a very flippant ​comment from a friend about how good I was at taking photos that sparked an intrigue which then FAST developed into a passion and once my daughter was born in 2014 I knew deep in my heart I did not want her watching me going off to work each morning to a job I did not love, what example would I be setting her... and so a business was created and grew extremely fast. I always saw myself as an artist but I always thought it would be paintbrushes, however, in greek, photography literally means 'Painting with Light' so I guess you could say my inner artist was finally set free.

I would love to say newborn is my absolute passion, it used to be until I started training in other photography fields like child and family fine art portraiture. So I now have to from the heart say my last photoshoot is generally my favorite - its a changing and ever-evolving thing, which is why I adore my job. I could not be anything, other than a photographer.

In October 2018 I gained my Licentiate Accreditation and Newborn Certificate from the Master Photographers Association which was an absolute honor and a full circle for me as the first trainer I worked with was indeed Ray Lowe the Chairman of the MPA.

I can now proudly say I have been a professional photographer since 2013 and I have won 26 awards and featured as the image of the day with the Guild of Photographers twice.

I should really pull my finger out and enter some more but the last two years have been very busy for me and of course we have had the pandemic to deal with.

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