A Toddler, a Newborn, and terrible twos...

So quite often us crazy parents have a cute little baby and get lulled in the the false sense of security that one more will not rock the boat and then BAM two under two happens and it also happens to coincide with that developmental part happening with your terrible 2's child where there is simply NO logic or reasoning with them. This is quite simple because the neurones in the brain are not connecting yet so there is no reasoning with a two year old no matter how much bribery, begging, pleading, yourself rolling around on the floor of Tesco's crying please for the love of all man kind just do what I'm asking....NOPE it's not going to happen unless it is on their terms...

SO when it comes to your newborn session and you are already sweating thinking this just is not going to happen. Yes indeed it may not happen, you cannot force a little one this young and strong willed to do what you want which is stay cute and hold this newborn and no please don't bash his head, or drop her, we all want our kids to be angelic when it comes to portrait sessions but lets face it they are only angelic to us right, well when they are asleep and not causing havoc. Well here is a perfect example of a little one who had simply zero interest in her new brother, I think she thought he was a flee ridden animal her parents picked up at the market the way she reacted to him at the time. She was an earlier newborn of mine so all was forgiven and was quite funny. I can tell from the little updates I get to see that she dearly loves him NOW.

So how did we get this shot?!?!?! Photoshop trickery, I mean artistry! We photographed baby in the bucket safely without the toddler near. Then set the same shot up and placed her raisins inside the bucket to get some interaction going. The two images were then merged together.

Safe is better than nothing. I will always try and coax your little ones to get involved but sometimes particularly when they are around the two mark, it may not happen, we may need to fake it, we may have to give up after 20 attempts and face it, the toddler is the boss baby and we are mere minions.

Here are the two images being pulled together.

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