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5 things that surprised me as a spectator in a Newborn photo shoot

I have been working as Olivias PA now for nearly a year, however I work from home with only occasion visits to the studio for meetings with Olivia.

I am behind the vast majority of the social media posts you will see on the Olivia Rocco Photography social media account so I literally spend every day looking at Olivias amazing images most of which are Newborn ones but I have never been to a Newborn shoot.

Last Monday I went along to Evie’s ( a gorgeous 2 week old little girl) Newborn shoot and was surprised by what I learned.

Number 1: The amount of preparation that goes into a Newborn shoot. Before that little bubba has even arrived for their shoot Olivia has been working hard, setting up different shoots , warming the studio, positioning lights, pinning sheets up, layering things for textures, choosing which fabrics and head bands to use, the list goes on and on. Olivia always aims to make each shoot unique and so doesn’t like to do the same thing twice. When you consider just how many newborns Olivia has photographed over the years this is no mean feat.

Number 2: The preparation doesn’t end when baby arrives either. When baby arrives at the studio Olivia, who more than lives up to her name as the baby whisperer, will work with the parents to settle the baby. Little Evie was wide awake , although very happy and Olivia wrapped her and soothed her, snapping a few wide awake images, before she finally fell asleep. I would say it was nearly an hour before a single photo was taken.

Number 3: How relaxed the whole experience is. Doing anything with a newborn can be stressful so you could be forgiven for thinking a Newborn shoot might be stressful. It is anything but…

Olivia takes the lead and is an expert at calming baby, Evies parents were able to sit back and concentrate on her older sister, who was enjoying watching some Peppa Pig on the studio TV and playing with the studio toys. The studio is warm, hot drinks are available, there are comfy sofas. At times it seems like Olivia was also a post natal Doula taken responsibility for the baby whilst everyone else could chill. I would have paid for a photo shoot when mine were small just to have a coffee in peace and a quiet sit down if I’d have known.

Number 4: The health and safety aspect, Olivia took great care to explain to me and Evie’s parents about how things needed to be done safety. Olivia is very passionate about baby photography and the importance of essentially being fully trained so you can act safely. Olivia explained that certain poses if performed incorrectly can have serious consequences. Babies are fragile.

Number 5: That the hard work doesn’t end when the shoot is finished. Aside from the tidying away and full covid cleaning, Olivia then sets work on her editing of the images. This can take hours. When I receive the finished product ready for social media I never truly appreciated just how long it took and the amount of work that goes into these images. We are literally talking a whole day all in all , sometimes longer if wall art etc is ordered.

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