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20th March- International Day of Happiness

What makes you happy? Are you doing enough of whatever it is?

Being a mum comes hand in hand with what is commonly known as "mum guilt" . If they wrote a hand book for raising a child I am sure there would be several chapters on "mum guilt".

You need to go work? Mum guilt kicks in!

You are too exhausted to compete with the Jones and head off to a fancy theme park - mum guilt!

You haven't got time to make homemade baby food and are relying on good old Ellas kitchen - mum guilt!

You thought sod it and ordered a pizza? - Mum guilt!

You've forgotten to fill in your childs reading record at school- mum guilt! Urgh Mum Guilt!!

Because of the dreaded Mum Guilt us mums are often running on empty. We are exhausted physically and mentally and we put way to much pressure on ourselves.

As a result any (however fleeting) spare time we get where we could be having a bath, enjoying a hot drink, catching up on the soaps or reading a good book, as the dreaded mum guilt kicks in we find ourselves doing extra housework, putting another load of washing and so on. For me as a work from home mum, any spare time I get I convince myself I need to be working.

Well today on international day of happiness I am inviting you to STOP! say no to things that make you unhappy. Say no to mum guilt. Do more of what makes YOU happy!! Cuddle those little ones breathing in their scent, run around the park, dance naked in the rain (ok ok maybe not that one), ask someone to watch your little to give you 5 minutes of peace if that's what you need. Run that bubble bath, whatever it is that you need to do to be happy! Do it! Do more of it ! And keep doing it.

Remember your children don't need a perfect mum, they need a happy one.

Here are happy faces to put a smile on your face - go smile at someone and share the LOVE x

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