About Family & Fine Art Portrait Photography 

Portrait Sessions range from individual portraits from when baby starts sitting up through to family portraits

Family Sessions: family photoshoot with Olivia will be a relaxed and natural affair, resulting in photos that will authentically capture your family int their natural state.  I give gentle direction to ensure you are in the most flattering light and position. 

Fine Art Styled Sessions: These highly cultured portraits inspired by the magnificent painters of the past.  Lots of moody colours and contrasts to make a piece of Art for you.  These portraits are less about smiles and more about eyes and soul.

Frequent Asked Questions


After your session you are invited to book in a view and order session up in the client area on the website. I ask that you leave at least a week between your sessions and no more than a month - you are welcome to prebook this in after you have booked your sitter session in ~ I do love an organised mumma.


You are welcomed into the studio office to enjoy watching up to 30 images of your beautiful little one. I will help you decide your final images based upon your budget and what you would like as an outcome i.e. what sort of people are you, are you simplistic lovers and want a piece of wall art and the rest of your chosen images as little keepsakes on a USB / USB Print box or are you the Album for every member of the family type. There is no right or wrong and I pride myself on helping my clients get the most out of their gallery for your budget be it a small one to a no expenses spared.


For studio sessions all year round! For location sessions, all year round is fine but completely dependant upon the type of imagery your would like. If you are outdoorsy people you may well want to capture that element of your family and winter coat, boots​ and red cheeks may be exactly what you would like, if it snows even better! Autumn is a stunning colour for your photographs and can still be warm enough early on toot need to be fully wrapped up, Spring obviously runs the risk of rain, but I absolute love making the most of a rainy day, the moody skies are beautiful and actually make for really nice lighting as it softens the light. Summertime is all about beautiful sunsets and beautiful flourishing backdrops. So is best to have little think and chose your month accordingly.

Covid-19...is it safe, what precautions are you taking?

This is a difficult one to answer, is it safe is too broad a question, until the virus has dissapated and or there is a vaccine etc the ultimate answer to that is are any of us safe. What I can tell you is I have gone over and above with my precautions to make me and my studio the safest I can, I am always questioning am I doing enough, is there anything else I could do to maintain my studio. What I can tell you is this: 1. My studio is ridiculously large, 15meters long by 4.5 meters wide - so that is a great start. 2. The studio is thoroughly steam cleaned after every client and yes my steps are in the region of 10k just in the studio per session :) 3.I have face masks, shoe covers, gloves, face visors (shields), hand sanitizer for everyones use and it is a mandatory thing if you are to come into my work space because not only for me and you but for the following client who walks through my door. I take this really seriously. 4. Due to how strongly I feel about the above and being able to photography newborn babies, I have a self imposed limitation on how many clients I will have in the studio each week with there being ONLY 2-3 a week to ensure I have a day in between clients to allow for mother natures extra precaution in addition to everything I am doing to help keep us all safe. 5.I have a prop addiction and this helpfully enables me to be able to do something called prop rotation. To make sure there is no cross contamination. 6. Before I leave the studio after I have done all the above I spray everything with Dettol spray and then I have a UV light fitted, you cannot even be in the room when it is on as it is dangerous to skin and eyes, this kills all bacteria and viruses. This is used after every session as I walk out the door! If you have any questins around the above, please get in contact and I will happily talk you through what I do and what I can and cannot do.

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