Do you struggle to have a nice welcoming website?

Is your site fab but the mobile version a bit lacking?

Is your SEO a bit of a near-miss or totally not delivering

Do you struggle with blogging, advertising, accounts, etc?


Bigger questions to ask yourself are do you have a business plan? A marketing plan?


Lots of these things can be so daunting and you think you need to be an expert in all fields or hire expensive experts in each field.  Yes, this will get you off to a great start but unless you have the funds to continue with this as upkeep wouldn't it be better if you had the basics of all to boss babe your own site!?

The service I offer is to initially build you the homepage that suits what you would really like your site to look like, we can, of course, add extra pages, but this initial build is designed to be simple and easy for you to be able to continue.  I take the time to show you how to do things via a screen share conference video call.  We work together so that you are empowered to get your site from zero to perfect in as little time as needed.

I show you the tricks needed to get your baseline SEO where you need it to be and help you will get yourself showing in the google rankings. I help you with automation ( auto-reminders and follow-ups with clients, allowing you more time to be doing the things you love like photography or gaining back some work-life balance.

I use a number of tools, to automate my business from bookings to bookkeeping, to marketing and reviews. My SEO is pretty fab thankfully, this is down to the hard work behind the scenes that I have put into my business over the last 5 years.  This is what I find so frustrating when I see my fellow photographers struggling with what to me is a fundamental part of my business.  I would like to be able to help you with this too.

Pop me a message with what pain points you have with your business and I can tell you how I can help you.

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About my Services

You have all the skills, you may have even got your business off the ground and potentially running yourself into the ground.  My background from working in government to corporate backgrounds (I was 33 before I took up photography) has helped me streamline my business,  so I effectively have my website and tools that act as a Personal Assistant for me and most of my client management is automated. This is my forte and I can help you if you are prepared to run your business smarter and not harder.

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About Me

I am Olivia and run a successful studio in Hertfordshire.  From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my job here is to guide you on the path of success. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied, that being said you need to implement the tools to be fully satisfied.

I started my photography business in 2014 and quickly discovered that photography is a money pit of props and that I had not grasped how my hobby business would outgrow me FAST.  My strengths were the business side given my background is corporate. I implemented lots of skills gained in these previous roles particularly project management skills to help clients get from point A to point B the fastest and more painless user experience way.   With some behind the scenes work you too can run your website and business the right way with the right tools and knowhow.

As a Business Strategist, I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. Click on services to find out how I can help you.

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What I can help you with

As part of your booking, you will need to answer some questions, these will give me a good indication of where you are at.


I want all my clients to leave at the end feeling empowered to boss these things themselves ongoing - as all the above should never stop.


I cannot thank you enough for giving such a wonderful website, the thought and time you have spent will not be forgotten. The hours you have spent on skype / messaging me have been the cherry on top of your service. Thank you so much for explaining everything in detail. I can’t wait to show it off. Xxx

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Huge recommendation to the very talented Olivia! Just a note to say how thrilled I am with the transformation that the lovely Olivia has done with my new website! Honestly the excitement I got upon viewing my new site, she really listened to the styles I liked and design and absolutely perfected it for me, Thank you my love xxx

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Olivia is so versatile she also photographed my chocolate work for my website and helped to put it together, highly recommend Olivia for all her creative flair, professionalism, attention to detail and talent.

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