About Newborn Photography 

Newborn Baby Photography is hugely popular and an ever-growing trend.  Pure beautiful little newborn babies in curled up poses or propped inside baskets, surrounded by cute fluff are images that make the most hardened person go a wee bit mushy. 

As a newborn photographer, I will hold, soothe and pose your baby gently and safely.  I am not only a mother myself (this alone isn't a qualification for posing newborns!) but I am trained by three of the best trainers in the country in newborn art, to ensure your little ones are moved around safely, keeping a close watch on their breathing, colouring, and temperature.  My studio will be heated to similar temperatures you had in the hospital.  This is because newborns have an inability to control their own body temperature.  I am often called a baby whisperer, but I like to believe babies have a sense of security with me and that is why they relax, this also enables parents to relax. I am one the first few people who will handle your baby for such a big period of time (full newborn sessions take 3 hours) allowing for feeds and changes where needed. Apart from family, not even your midwife handles your baby for this long, so I am always honoured to be chosen to capture your images and pour my heart and soul into each session, my clients often comment they can see I love what I do. 


These are my trademark sessions where I pose baby (ideally under 3 weeks old but whilst we have Covid19 in the population this needs to be you are clear of hospital 14 days, so more likely around babies 3rd week which a large proportion of my portfolio is anyway, but can be achieved with babies up to around 8 weeks) in up to 10 poses, posed baby in 1-3 props, natural wrapped and unwrapped images without posing. Macro detail images, parent and sibling images all included. A full gallery of 30 images will be shown at your viewing session for you to choose your desired package. These sessions are for advanced bookings where you book your due date ahead of time to secure one of the nine spaces I release each month.​

Frequent Asked Questions

How to Book & When?

Book ahead from your 20 week scan, To book in I require a session fee of £49 this fee is non-refundable and is to secure my time in the diary for your due month. PRE BOOK: The best time is after your have had your 20 week scan as this is when you will be given a firm due date, I ask that you choose your babys due month when booking ahead - this enables me to manage how many newborns I can take on each month as I only like to take on a maximum of 9 a month to make sure I can room in my diary for any early or late arrivals. If baby arrives early simply get in touch with me as soon as is possible to let me know baby has been born and what your situation is, If baby is in NICU etc you may both need an extended stay. LAST MINUTE: If you leave booking until your baby arrives, it's quite likely that I won't be able to fit you in until your baby is a couple of months old and I hate turning newborns away but availability preference is always given to existing bookings I do however once I've planned my month out release a small number of last-minute newborn sessions which you can book if you have not already booked ahead. So please contact me to see if I have any availability or your can go ahead and book a mini session, as these are smaller diary slots they are more readily available.

What happens during a newborn session

You are welcomed into the studio to a hot/cold drink and some refreshments of the biscuit kind, sometimes we hit the jackpot and my mother in law has made Italian cakes. I will talk to you about what you would like out of your session, the colours you would like to incorporate and any props or poses you have seen that you would like to incorporate. Baby will be undressed and soothed off to sleep, I like to do this part as babies can smell their mothers milk (even if you are not breast feeding) and they will usually settle better with someone else. This also enables me to watch your babies sleep cycles and make the most from his/her deep sleeps. After the posing, we will do parent/sibling shots if wanted. I ask for any siblings desired to be included are brought to the session in the last hour to ensure we have had enough quiet time to get the poses for your gallery. I usually get parents involved at various points, to help pose baby as I am a safety/baby first photographer and will ensure your baby is supported at all times when needed. Sometimes I have an assistant with me and she will do the 'spotting - holding baby' for me.

What happens at a view and order session

​After your session, we book a date in for your view and order session. At this session, you will choose your desired package and any extra products. So is always a good idea to have a budget in mind that is comfortable for your newborn investment and also ask yourselves, what do you actually want to do with your newborn portraits. This way I can help you get the most of of your ordering session and can guide you to the package that best suits your desires. You are welcomed into the studio office to enjoy watching up to 30 images of your beautiful baby. I will help you decide your package based upon your budget and what you would like as an outcome i.e. what sort of people are you, are you simplistic lovers and want a piece of wall art and the rest of your chosen images as little keepsakes on a USB / USB Print box or are you the Album for every member of the family type. There is no right or wrong and I pride myself on helping my clients get the most out of their gallery for your budget be it a small one to a no expense spared.

How should I prepare my baby for thier newborn session

​An info guide to your session with session prep is included in your booking info, this is aimed to help us get the very best out of your session.

Covid-19...is it safe, what precautions are you taking?

This is a difficult one to answer, is it safe is too broad a question, until the virus has dissapated and or there is a vaccine etc the ultimate answer to that is are any of us safe. What I can tell you is I have gone over and above with my precautions to make me and my studio the safest I can, I am always questioning am I doing enough, is there anything else I could do to maintain my studio. What I can tell you is this: 1. My studio is ridiculously large, 15meters long by 4.5 meters wide - so that is a great start. 2. The studio is thoroughly steam cleaned after every client and yes my steps are in the region of 10k just in the studio per session :) 3.I have face masks, shoe covers, gloves, face visors (shields), hand sanitizer for everyones use and it is a mandatory thing if you are to come into my work space because not only for me and you but for the follwoing client who walks through my door. I take this really seriously. 4. Due to how strongly I feel about the above and being able to photography newborn babies, I have a self imposed limitation on how many clients I will have in the studio each week with there being ONLY 2-3 a week to ensure I have a day in between clients to allow for mother natures extra precaution in addition to everything I am doing to help keep us all safe. 5.I have a prop addiction and this helpfully enables me to be able to do something called prop rotation. To make sure there is no cross contamination. 6. Before I leave the studio after I have done all the above I spray everything with Dettol spray and then I have a UV light fitted, you cannot even be in the room when it is on as it is dangerous to skin and eyes, this kills all bacteria and viruses. This is used after every session as I walk out the door! If you as a newborn client would prefer social distancing newborn then we will do a lifestyle session where I do not pose baby at all, you will BUT it will not be in the poses you see as that takes years of learning the skill and safety is paramount to me. So rather it will be somewhat laid back. Please do let me know if this is something that you want. Even if we are midway through your session and you suddenly just feel fretful, that is OK, you are a new mum and I have no issue with chaning the run of the session for you. If you have any questins around the above, please get in contact and I will happily talk you through what I do and what I can and cannot do.

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