About Newborn Photography 

Newborn Baby Photography is hugely popular and an ever-growing trend.  Pure beautiful little newborn babies in curled up poses or propped inside baskets, surrounded by cute fluff are images that make the most hardened person go a wee bit mushy. 

As a newborn photographer, I will hold, soothe and pose your baby gently and safely.  I am not only a mother myself (this alone isn't a qualification for posing newborns!) but I am trained by three of the best trainers in the country in newborn art, to ensure your little ones are moved around safely, keeping a close watch on their breathing, colouring, and temperature.  My studio will be heated to similar temperatures you had in the hospital.  This is because newborns have an inability to control their own body temperature.  I am often called a baby whisperer, but I like to believe babies have a sense of security with me and that is why they relax, this also enables parents to relax. I am one the first few people who will handle your baby for such a big period of time (full newborn sessions take 3 hours) allowing for feeds and changes where needed. Apart from family, not even your midwife handles your baby for this long, so I am always honoured to be chosen to capture your images and pour my heart and soul into each session, my clients often comment they can see I love what I do. 


These are my trademark sessions where I pose baby (ideally under 3 weeks old but whilst we have Covid19 in the population this needs to be you are clear of hospital 14 days, so more likely around babies 3rd week which a large proportion of my portfolio is anyway, but can be achieved with babies up to around 8 weeks) in up to 10 poses, posed baby in 1-3 props, natural wrapped and unwrapped images without posing. Macro detail images, parent and sibling images all included. A full gallery of 30 images will be shown at your viewing session for you to choose your desired package. These sessions are for advanced bookings where you book your due date ahead of time to secure one of the nine spaces I release each month.​




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