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princess and pea example by Olivia Rocco

Virtual Newborn Session & Guide


During these times of lockdown, the babies do not take any notice! they will still arrive! You may have had a newborn session booked and now can not go ahead with that, you may have been a wait until baby has been born type of person and now cannot book anything.

As a Newborn Photographer, I have been very heartbroken To suddenly after five years not be able to photograph the most adoring little faces, find out who the feisty little ones are and who are just total cuddle bums or milk monsters.  So I have adapted with the times and can only offer something virtual right now.  I am a trained trainer so am fairly good at explaining and guiding you through what I would want from you.  Whilst your images will not be as professional as mine would be, they will be unique and extra special I would argue, in that YOU took them! 

You then send me the images you have taken via a special link I will give you and I will put the professional touch to them to make them the best they can be. Your finished gallery will be shown to you the same as I would any other session. Each finished portrait is £20 but should you wish to do a package you can select from the Newborn Packages which will be at a 50% discount for you. 

I also offer composite options - these are images taken specifically to be merged in an single image like the below. For these type of images you would be given access to my catalogue of digitals which is in excess of 500 eek! I didn't know I had so many gathered over the years. I will ask you to favourite 10. Before our zoom consultation where I will walk you through what materials you will need to help create them.

 Portraits are best taken on an actual camera rather than a phone but if that’s all you have we will work with that! 

To book in a virtual session the fee is £49 which is discounted from your chosen package - click the button below to get in contact.

These sessions are not a substitute for already booked sessions but if you have one booked in and you want to add the virtual session in, you can if you wish swap the booked newborn studio session for a sitter session should the lockdown go past the point of your baby being 12 weeks.

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