About Model Portrais 

I love to be able to keep my creativity alive, this is what sets my work apart. The day I have not more love for what I do I will close the business.

Part of my way fo keeping this going is offering model sessions.  These are totally selfish sessions all for me, so what's in it for you??

If you do not have a budget set aside for a newborn portrait for example you can still get some gorgeous portraits of yoru little one for as little as £99 you can use the fee towards a product and you can have a 20% discount off any package.


There will not be a full gallery rather 5-10 images to choose between.

There is no min spend and your preferences indicated are taken into consideration but the purpose of the shoot is for my portfolio diversity and upcoming competition.  Your baby MUST be under 2 weeks old at the time of the session however!

For other sessions types below is any current open model calls.  These are set dates that cannot be changed.