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Newborn Baby Photography is hugely popular and an ever-growing trend.  Pure beautiful little newborn babies in curled up poses or propped inside baskets, surrounded by cute fluff are images that make the most hardened person go a wee bit mushy. 

As a newborn photographer, I would normally hold, soothe and pose your baby gently and safely but given how unsafe it is to be in close contact with each other now, I have had to adapt my newborn `photography sessions. 

These new sessions allow me to continue with your newborn session and still be able to capture all the details of your new baby and family just with a different approach. I have a bed scene where you can place your baby and have a cuddle up with them and allows me to capture you from a distance in a safe unconfined setting but still have that soft white homely feel.  I will also have my bean bag set up for you to place and move around your baby directed by me. 

Please do not expect any advanced poses, as you need to be trained to understand how to maneuver a baby without hurting them to achieve these poses.  I will not be coaching anyone through these. For posed newborn sessions please see information on this on thr Newborn page.


This is totally dependent on you and your baby, how well you can follow instructions and every baby is of course different but will be a great bonding experience for you as you will need to watch your baby and read their cues as I would, don't be daunted!! I will coach you!


You will reserve a spot on my waiting list for your baby's due month.  Each month I will release 4-8 sessions, My newborn clients will get first pick of dates open before other sessions get released. It does not cost anything to be added to the list. When it comes time to book in you will pay the session fee of £49.  After our session we will set a date for a video conference call where I will show you your portraits and help you decide which package you would like to go for. Packages are all below.  I have teamed up with a fab print lab who package up your inclusive package and post directly to you so you do not need to come back to the studio.  Any wall art orders will also be posted from the labs directly to you again it is all about minimising the social interactions needed. 




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